Arranged marriage

Hey girl, you’re now five over twenty.

You’ve lived with us for time plenty

It’s time to get you married and send you away

We knew this time would come some day.

No boyfriend? No problem. Arranged marriage is your solution.

We will find you the perfect boy,

Meet every prospect behaving all coy.

The girl who wasn’t allowed to be out till late due to feared danger..

Will now be married off and sent to live with an absolute stranger..

Being an unmarried woman over the age of 25..is like a socially unacceptable culprit who has no right to be alive.

I wish things change socially, for the better.

And soon ALL families encourage their girls to fulfil their dreams and be a go-getter.

Coz life is not only about getting married and settling down.

Life is about living to the fullest without any pressure or frown.

Go marry someone who you know is going to be the love of your life.

Be it arranged or love, marriage should be with the person who you’re happy to be called his wife.



Gotta do some adulting.

Exactly a week to go for me to become the dreaded 25 years old. Aaaaaggghhhhhh…. When and how did this happen? It seems like only yesterday that I was celebrating my 18th birthday , excited to be an adult and ready for everything the adult life brings. Little did I know that adulthood is not a measure of years lived, but a measure of life experiences! 

Personally, I feel I yet am a little girl who’s not grown up at all. However, its the little incidents, small conversations, random gestures that probably make you realise that you have adulted after all. 

I seem to have had a series of such adulting realisations. From a simple change like calling the taxi drivers “Bhaiyya” from my standard “uncle” – to major changes like handling the whole house by myself when parents are not around (instead of the usual lazing around and having complete dependence on the house help).  What’s more, my interest in book genre’s are also changing. Instead of the mushy love stories that I read before, I’m reading books about women struggles and the real life. That’s not stopping me from continuing to dream about my fantasy world though. 

All these changes and more are indicating that I am into a major adulting mode. And I’m not complaining. In fact I can’t wait for my years forward and all the lovely (and not so lovely) experiences that my life is to bring me. 

I’m all grown up. And I’m ready for more adulting. And I know the child in me is going to be there forever, which I’m thankful for. 

With these thoughts in mind, I have only this to say to my dreaded 25th year — BRING IT ON! 🙂


Hello World!

A biiiiiiiggggggg HELLLOOOOOOO to everyone out there. I cannot begin to tell you’ll how very excited I am to be a part of (finally) the blogging world.

To begin this experience, I’m thinking what’s better than to introduce myself to everyone who may care to read on what I have to say in the near future. Thus, I decided upon telling you guys 10 things about me. So here goes…

  1. My name is A, short for Aditi (Pretty Little Liars ftw yeah? :p)
  2. I live in Mumbai (Maharashtra, India, Asia, Earth)
  3. I’m a twenty something girl (Hey, a lady never reveals her age! :o)
  4. I love me some DRAMA. (Blog name doesn’t explain itself right?)
  5. Bollywood runs in my blood
  6. I’m scared of anything that has legs and can walk/fly/swim, other than Human beings!
  7. I haven’t travelled much, but I know for sure that I LOVE travelling and seeing new places and observing new culture.
  8. Favourite colour is PINK..
  9. I am going to marry SRK someday. (and Ryan Gosling, and Enrique, and John Stamos, and a few others too! )
  10. I looveeeeee meeting and making new friends and I’m hoping I make some via wordpress too.

Yeah, that’s all for now! Until next time.



PS – I’m a new blogger with absolutely no prior knowledge or experience in it. Thus, comments and criticisms is very welcome to help me better in this.