The only person who’ll take care of you

There are billions of people out there…
Some you may know..for some you care..
When they are in trouble – you’re always always there…
But when you need them..where are they? WHERE?

Your best friends, your family.. they’ll always be there..or so they say…
But when they don’t..who will be hurt?Who will be in dismay?
Cant blame them though..maybe they need the peace, maybe they need a good day.

It is then you remember..there’s only one person who’ll always always be there with you..
Through all your bad..and all the good too.
Through the sickness, the pain ..and the fighting like it’s some kung fu.
Stuck to your soul with the best glue..your best friend through all your black and blue…

Yes it’s true..the only person who’ll take care of you..is YOU!!!

– Aditi


He or She

Became a CA, got a job that pays.

Working till she gets everything right.. she learns, she slays.

Oh hey there Mr boss, did you see did you see?

Who has performed the best in your team? It is she it is she..

Times come for assigning that important piece of work..

Who will be doing it..? The star performer or the good for nothing jerk?

Well alas..No guesses there..The jerk it will be…

Coz who cares of the job is well done or not..All that matters is that the jerk is a HE!

– Aditi T.


Hit and miss!

Just seconds ago we were sitting in tremendous joy. ..

What happened that you turned to hit me like I’m a boxing toy?

I’m shattered.. I’m confused..

Don’t mind me if taking your bullshit is finally refused.

Don’t know what struck me..what made me retaliate..

Maybe the slap here, or maybe the abuses, mate.

All I know was this is it..gotta do something, even if it’s something I’d hate.

Sorry didn’t mean to get back at you, but I guess we passed my tolerance level.

Next time, think about this..many times…several..

Don’t come at me bae.. now you know I’m not gonna be taking it, aye!


Arranged marriage

Hey girl, you’re now five over twenty.

You’ve lived with us for time plenty

It’s time to get you married and send you away

We knew this time would come some day.

No boyfriend? No problem. Arranged marriage is your solution.

We will find you the perfect boy,

Meet every prospect behaving all coy.

The girl who wasn’t allowed to be out till late due to feared danger..

Will now be married off and sent to live with an absolute stranger..

Being an unmarried woman over the age of 25..is like a socially unacceptable culprit who has no right to be alive.

I wish things change socially, for the better.

And soon ALL families encourage their girls to fulfil their dreams and be a go-getter.

Coz life is not only about getting married and settling down.

Life is about living to the fullest without any pressure or frown.

Go marry someone who you know is going to be the love of your life.

Be it arranged or love, marriage should be with the person who you’re happy to be called his wife.



Delay is NOT Defeat


Days, Months, even years have passed by
And all I have done is to try and try.
Once bitten, twice shy
But I couldn’t do anything except for cry.

Attempt after attempt, I cried, I tried.
But the results never happened to be in my stride.
Am I too dumb – not worthy of this?
Should I just stop and never dream of bliss?

And there out of nowhere, I heard a voice so sweet
Stop crying, it said, and stand up on your feet.
Work hard instead of wasting precious time
Success will come to you when your effort is at its prime.

Don’t be disheartened that your success seems to delay
Keep working hard and one day, I promise, it will pay.
Don’t lose hope, don’t cease to pray
Your hard work has already got you this far away.

Success will come to you when the time is right
And then you’ll forget this sorrow and have a future bright.
Now for the exam, when you take your seat,
Please keep in mind – delay is not defeat!

– Aditi T.


Gotta do some adulting.

Exactly a week to go for me to become the dreaded 25 years old. Aaaaaggghhhhhh…. When and how did this happen? It seems like only yesterday that I was celebrating my 18th birthday , excited to be an adult and ready for everything the adult life brings. Little did I know that adulthood is not a measure of years lived, but a measure of life experiences! 

Personally, I feel I yet am a little girl who’s not grown up at all. However, its the little incidents, small conversations, random gestures that probably make you realise that you have adulted after all. 

I seem to have had a series of such adulting realisations. From a simple change like calling the taxi drivers “Bhaiyya” from my standard “uncle” – to major changes like handling the whole house by myself when parents are not around (instead of the usual lazing around and having complete dependence on the house help).  What’s more, my interest in book genre’s are also changing. Instead of the mushy love stories that I read before, I’m reading books about women struggles and the real life. That’s not stopping me from continuing to dream about my fantasy world though. 

All these changes and more are indicating that I am into a major adulting mode. And I’m not complaining. In fact I can’t wait for my years forward and all the lovely (and not so lovely) experiences that my life is to bring me. 

I’m all grown up. And I’m ready for more adulting. And I know the child in me is going to be there forever, which I’m thankful for. 

With these thoughts in mind, I have only this to say to my dreaded 25th year — BRING IT ON! 🙂


Useless banter/ Self motivation

A little bit more about myself, I’m studying to become a Chartered Accountant. That’s the Indian CPA. If you’ve heard of CA you’ll know for sure that it’s one of the MOST difficult exam to pass – in the WORLD. Yehp.
So basically there are 3 levels to clear and I’m on the last level (known as Final CA). And that is where the trouble starts.

I’m giving attempt after attempt to clear these exams, but haven’t been successful. Last attempt I managed to pass one out of the two groups. Phew. BUT the second group is now creating havoc in my life. Just got my results and its a negative again!!
My frustration is at its peak.

It’s not that I haven’t been studying. I HAVE studied enough to know I’ll pass (well, should have passed). So what’s happening, whaaaaat is going wrong? So many questions  to which answers I have none.
It is extremely depressing to see my parents struggle along with me. I’m sooo thankful that they haven’t lost hope on me (yet). So blessed!

I’m at that point in life where nothing right is going on. All I seem to be doing is existing.
As I write this post and casually removing all the built up frustration, I’m actually thinking if its better to just quit and find something else to do. Loads of people have quit, it couldn’t be a bad idea. And then another pop up appears from nowhere and reminds me of my dream to be a CA.

So here’s a little pep talk for myself, gotta continue to believe in myself.
I gotta believe in myself, right? If I don’t who else will? Just because I failed once, doesn’t mean I’ll never be able to ace it. Need to hold your head up high, Aditi, and once again give it your all – for the very last time! And this time with all the right effort and motivation, your dream will come true! Just wait for it coz success will come when the time is right.

Was this venting out of any help, Aditi? Did this useless banter  actually get  you to continue persuing your dreams?Are you feeling better?

Hell yeah, I am!